Single arm shoulder press. The arm not in use remains extended in the air holding a dumbbell while the other arm does the work. Each side of the room takes turns going from one to ten. Example: I do one you do one, I do two you do two etc¡­ Triceps extensions behind the head. Keep arms up and back in position during the rest periods while the opposite person or group is taking their turn. Bicep curl. Keep forearms parallel to the floor and loaded during rest periods while opposite person or group is taking their turn.

Bent Over Row Push ups. Use the variety that you can get the most range of movement, be it knees or toes. Crunch with the rest period being in the up, or crunching position. Wipers. In this exercise you start on your back with both feet about six inches above the floor. Begin by bringing feet up toward one side and back down and toward the other side in a V or U motion. Each V or U is counted as one rep. Try not to let your feet rest on the floor between turns
. Right leg lunge.

Stay in the down lunge position during rest periods while opposite group is taking their turn. Left leg lunge. Sumo squats with starting position and rest position in the bottom range of the exercise. Right leg calf raise with starting position and rest position in the heel up motion. For your own benefit, I suggest 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps, using it on your bench day if your goals are more powerlifting related and throwing it in on shoulder day if your goals are centered around bodybuilding. Since then, most all of us have performed this exercise, enjoying the benefits this unique movement & the results it gives you. By the third week, you have the option of increasing the reps again or upping the weight.

In short, progressing a workout is more about creativity than exact science. By making tiny tweaks, you preserve the integrity of the program while giving yourself room to increase the challenge and learn how your body responds to different stimuli. If you do it right, you can avoid plateau, injury, and boredom.

When you learn to program workouts for yourself, you stop hopping from one set of workouts to another and make one routine do the work of dozens. In most cases, the lifter instantly feel the stability of the move and how it basically works the entire shoulder, making it one of the most complete shoulder movements around. But almost by accident I found an amazing tweak and twist on the Workout, and it gave me an impressive exercise to help build a bigger bench press.
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